Focus on aspects that are in harmony with your desire

Even the most dreaded disease will vanish when you completely remove
your attention from it. You attracted it through thought and
feeling, and you release it by releasing your thought and feeling,
regarding it.  It is not easy to *not think* of something – but it
is easy to think of something else. Therefore, by focusing upon
aspects of your beings that are in harmony with your desire, you
are, at that time, not focusing upon the aspects that are *not* in
harmony with your desire.

Through thought, you attract the negative aspects closer into your
experience. Through habit, you continue to focus upon them, until
there is an actual physical manifestation – something close-in and
tangible within your experience – and then you say, “Look at this
physical evidence! It is big and near, and I can not deny it!”

And we say “Deny it not, for in your denial, you still acknowledge –
and therefore attract. Instead, ignore it. Give your attention to
something else. Take your attention from the negative evidence and
it will leave your experience. For it is Law!”

The physical evidence has come from your thought and feeling.
Therefore, put your emphasis upon your thought and feeling. Whenever
you are feeling negative emotion, you are thinking of something that
you do not want, or lack of something that you do want – and you are
in the process of creating physical evidence.

How often do you say, “I knew that would happen?” And we
say, “Indeed, you did know.” For as you think, you feel, and as you
feel, you create.

As a Deliberate Creator, your work is not in the doing, or the
acting. It is not in the moving of the physical evidence about. Your
work is in the recognition and maintaining of a centered place of
Well-being. Your work is to discover the feelings of happiness,
exhilaration, love, peace, enthusiasm, triumph, well-being. and then
to hold yourself deliberately in that place.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, P. 126-128

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