Gratitude and Self-Appreciation

Two feelings are fundamental to the attracting of anything in your
life: one is gratitude, the other is self-appreciation.  When you
look at your life with gratitude, you shift your focus onto what you
like…As you practice gratiude and acknowledge what you already
have, you shift not only your focus, but also your vibraton into the
direction of MORE of the thing you are looking for.  You see, YOU
being, abundance, love and the power to create are what you are. 
They are your very being, they are your soul, and they are the
expression of the God/Goddess within you…

When you want something to come into your life, sit and think of all
the aspects of it.  Consider the ESSENCE of what it is that you
want.  For many, money is synonymous with freedom.  What else does
it represent?…Once you know what money represents to you and
understand the essence of it in your life, begin to write down all
the areas of your life in which that same essence is present.  As
you acknowledge where this essence already exists, you begin to
attract more of the same…

Let us say that money represents your freedom to travel and
explore.  If this is the essence of what you want money to do for
you, then you more than likely have that essence in your life
already in the form of a car.  Bless this car!  All things have
consciousness, awareness, even so-called inanimate objects such as
cars, houses and washing machines…

Your life is never void of what you want.  It may be in a different
form, or in a quantity that is short of where you want it to be, but
it is always there…

Gratitude is not a spiritual obligation; it is not a spiritual law
that ‘good’ and ‘loving’ people are expected to follow.  It is the
acknowledgment of the love already present in your life.  It is
using the Universal Laws to your benefit.  As you acknowledge all
things with gratitude,you  begin to radiate love, and as you do
this, you become magnetic to love, health and well-being, abundance,
and the evidence that you are creator.

John Payne – Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation

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