Law of Attraction: Finding a Job Using Deliberate Creation

Some folks are good at creating relationships, some at creating money. One thing I’ve always been able to do easily is create wonderful jobs for myself. Over the years, I’ve taught this skill to many of my clients. Here’s how: Rather than concentrate on a specific position at a specific place, think more about what elements you’d like to have in your job.

See yourself working. Visualize yourself doing whatever it is you want to do If you are not sure what you want to do, ask yourself things like: Do I like working with people or alone, do I want to be in an office or outside, do I want to work with computers and electronic equipment, or with people? Or both?

What kinds of people do you want to work with – needy people, sick people, children, people who are your equal in some way, customer service, sales, computer nerds, or doctors? Fun people? Serious people? Easy-going or hard-driving people? Helpful people? Do you want regular hours and regular responsibilities, or do you want freedom and flexibility in hours and job tasks?

Then move on to how you want to feel in a job. You probably want to feel emotions like: trusted, competent, praised and appreciated, happy with your pay check, friendly with your co-workers, liked by your co-workers, eager to get there each day, a sense of accomplishment, and so on. Make your own list.

What is your environment like? Do you want to drive or take the bus to get there? How do you like to dress – jeans and sneakers or professional business attire? Of course, these are not either – or questions, and there is no right answer. It is fine to say, “Yes, I want that AND that” Ask yourself as many of these as you can think of.

Write out your perfect day at work. What would you be doing? Who would you see? What is your schedule – how do you fill your time?

Then begin to visualize and FEEEEEL yourself there. See your interactions with co-workers and clients, hear the conversations, how is your office or cubicle decorated, hear the praise of a job well done, see your pay check in your hand – or your direct deposit statement – and feel glad and happy at the amount and feel anticipation at the ways you will spend it. Let your imagination go. Do this as often as you think of it, without any pressure on yourself. It should always feel good and be fun to do. If it feels like a task, or if any bad feelings or thoughts come up like, “This could never happen to me”, stop and go do something else until you can get yourself back into a positive mood. Each time you visualize, do it for 3-5 minutes or so. Not very long.

When I did corporate consulting and was wanting a new client, I would affirm things like: I want enough personal time. I want to love what I do. I want to wake up each morning looking forward to being there. I want to feel valued and appreciated. I want to talk to people. I want to have fun and laugh a lot. I want to be playful – and since I’m often playful with words, I want to be understood. In terms of kinds of people I wanted to work with, I would say: I work with easy –going people who laugh a lot. I work with people who are helpful. I work with people who easily share credit for our accomplishments. I work with people who are intelligent, and competent and capable. I work with people who are friendly. I work with people who share my interests and are easy to talk to. I work with people who have the same education level as I.

For environment, I would focus on: I work in a beautiful, quiet space where I have my own ample area to work decorated the way I like. Your desire might be to work in a bustling hive of activity where something new is always happening to keep you on your toes. I would go on to affirm: We have the best coffee at my office and there are lots of good and cheap restaurants in the neighborhood for lunch. My hours are flexible and I can work whatever hours suit me as long as I get my work done. My client gives me absolute trust and total freedom, but is available if I need to ask questions. I have an easy commute. There are lots of handsome, single men at my job. (If you want that.) And for pay, I wrote: Every time I look at my paycheck, I’m thrilled. I make more money than ever before. I feel valued and important. I am happy with my salary.

Some of what I wrote when I created my coaching job was: I like people whose eyes squinch when they laugh. I want to express my truth and my knowing. I want to help. I want to give aha’s to everybody. Freedom – yes! And free time – yes! Convenient, beautiful environment. Beautiful!!! Good coffee!!! Savvy, intelligent, funny people – yes! Music! And fresh flowers always on my desk.

It doesn’t matter if you write in the future tense, “I want . . “ or if you write in present tense, “I have . . “. Write it in the way that is most believable to you and that brings you the best feelings when you say it or think about it. Read over what you’ve written as frequently as you can and feel the fun and joy and satisfaction of having the job of your dreams. Say it over to yourself when you think about it; it doesn’t have to be verbatim, but just think about the qualities you want to have.

Ask your Higher Self to guide you to opportunities that match what you like. (Not match what you think you are ‘’supposed’ to do or ‘qualified for’.)

Then begin to ‘act as if’. What will you do when you have that job? Do it now. Will you drive a new car? Pretend your car is the new car – smell the new car smell when you get in. Will you shop at different places? Begin to shop there now – window shopping or buying small things you can afford. Do whatever you can to step into the role you want. If you still don’t know exactly how this job might look, see yourself as a confident, prosperous person and act that way. When I wanted to develop my coaching business, I had a ‘coach’ walk. Every time I noticed myself walking dejectedly to my then job, I asked myself how would I walk if I had the job I really wanted. And I began to walk like that. It was subtle, but I threw my shoulders back a little and held up my head a little higher, and then I felt the excitement of the job I was creating.

As you feel guided by your intuition, send out resumes and go to interviews. When you do either, see them first, in your mind’s eye, being well received. See your resume being set aside as “a special person we want to call in”. Before the interview, see yourself feeling poised and confident, see and hear the interviewer shaking your hand and saying she or he is “sure you are perfect for the job and welcome aboard!”.

Allow yourself to feel the joy of anticipation and your dream job will come very quickly. I promise.

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