Law of Attraction: New Years Resolutions that Create Effective Change

Make resolutions that are more about how you want to be – how you want to relate to the world – than about specific changes in behavior. They should be spiritual goals. Changes in behavior don’t last unless preceded by a change in consciousness. New Years Resolutions, to be effective, must be about changing our consciousness to be receptive to our desires.

Let your resolutions take the form of affirmations. That way you can say them or sing them or chant them to yourself, have fun with them, and remind yourself of the energy you are stepping in to.

One of my resolutions is the same as last year: to know that “I have multiple sources of passive income that support me lavishly.” This one is in wonderful unfoldment. I developed a product this year that is doing better than I expected and I have a lot of ideas to create in the future. I’m even hiring a virtual assistant to help me. This is so much fun! My work this year is to appreciate what I have while expecting more to come.

My second affirmation is that “I consciously, constantly practice the presence of Spirit within me.” This one is huge. It encompasses just about every spiritual goal I have and it influences every part of my life and my behavior. It says I am always aware that Spirit is my Source – so there can be no lack or limitation. It says that Spirit is always present and acting in my life – kind of like having an imaginary friend, except its not imaginary – more like an invisible friend beside me (or in me) at all times. It says I am always allowing Spirit to express thru me – so I am non-judgmental. I speak kindly – even when aggravated. It causes me to allow my good to flow to me – to keep the channel open for the flow of love and energy and inspiration and comfort. This affirmation keeps me healthy because where Spirit is there is only vitality, ease and health.

A few years ago one of my resolutions was to more often find thoughts that feel good and do more things that I enjoy. This year my affirmation is to “Love myself”. Similar, but broader this year. As I love myself I bring to me all things that are loving. That means bubble baths, and fresh flowers; satellite radio and laughter; friends who brighten my light not diminish me; and it means appreciating myself, encouraging myself, and saying kind words to me. The only relationship we really want is between self and SELF. And that self love is the key to allowing. Self love leads to feeling deserving which leads to more allowing. Self love also lets us feel a little bit of the vast and endless love that Spirit has for us. I want a taste of that this coming year!

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