Part Two – 9 Attitudes that support you in moving through change


The Truth is, change IS going to happen. Change is a part of life. Staying stuck is NOT going to make change from happening. In Part One I gave you nine attitudes that may be keeping you stuck. When you are willing to give up “managing stuck” here are nine attitudes that will support you in moving through change.


1. You have a clear sense of Self, with a capital “S.” You have an intimate relationship with our inner soul.


2. You have confidence in solving problems as they arise. You have developed the ability to see above the problem to discover the solution.


3. Your personal identity is not in success or fail. Failures = feedback.


4. You strengthen your ability to change because you are able to build on your past successful changes.


5. You know that not changing is no option. Change equal evolving, evolving is good.


6. You know how to invest your life’s energy in creating a life that rich and full.


7. You have a solid support system that gives you honest feedback and “hold the space” for you as you move through change.


8. You have a sense of adventure and you are OK with playing outside the comfort zone.


9. You believe in a Divine Purpose and a Divine Plan for your life.


When you begin to realize that you are stuck in your life, and make a commitment to change, begin to embrace these nine attitudes that will support you through the process of change.


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