Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful park surrounded by 100
Dalmatians. Each one of these dogs is trained to serve you, to honor
you, to listen to your every command. Whenever you have a thought
these 100 Dalmatians responds to it instantly. Obeying your every
word, action, thought. Doing this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
year after year. The Dalmatians honor you as a god, as a creator.
Wanting only to give all that you think you want. This little
parable explains QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS, in a digestible,
understandable way.

Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles
called Quanta (or Quarks). These particles are so small they have
eluded physicists up until recently. Quanta are constantly in a
state of flux. Changing with chameleon like properties to suit the
thoughts of whoever is observing them. In other words every thought
changes the quanta. If 10 people were observing these subatomic
particles everyone would see something different. Now take this
awareness and place it in your everyday life, with the understanding
that the world as you know it responds and mirrors you’re every
thought, word and action.

All that is in material form in the world is solidified quanta, such
as your car, sofa, money, etc; everything else is unformed quanta,
waiting for you to give it physicalness. Imagine all of the air in
the world as unformed Quanta (in truth that is what it is). With
every breath you take you are inhaling unformed quanta, ciculating
it throughout your body, through your thoughts, and then exhaling it
back into the physical world. In the exhale, the manifestation
process begins. What were you thinking, praying, speaking, as you
inhaled those chameleon like subatomic particles? Whatever your
thoughts or actions, you have just birthed a new experience for

The quanta have adhered to your thoughts and now are in the process
of forming and formulating a situation/experience to mirror that!
Think about that! Every breath, every thought, everyday! In a day
there are 86,400 seconds. It takes about 2 seconds for an inhale and
exhale( as a planet we are short breathers). So on a daily basis you
have approximately 43,200 experiences that are being cultivated and
birthed by you’re quantum consciousness. Knowing this start inhaling
and exhaling in a more purposeful way. A way that exhibits your
ability to consciously create your world in accordance with your
highest needs, wants, and thoughts. We are always 100% responsible
for all that we experience.

The Divine spark within us cultivates what our heart, Soul, body,
and mind yearns for! Everything you do defines who and what you are!
Every choice that you make shows what direction you are choosing to
sail your life. The choices are always multiple and all are to be
honored. Do not yell at the Universe (AKA God) when events transpire
that you dislike, change your Quanta, and your world will change.
You have heard people refer to the thought, “that is John’s world,
or Bill’s world, not mine”.

This in actuality is a perfectly divine truth. Each of us resides in
our own little universe, where the events of the day rotate around
us like our own personal solar system. Even though we interact with
others, our life experiences can only be our own. They may touch
others, but others cannot own them, or even change the shape of

When people in our life are choosing a path we are not in agreement
with, we cannot magically wave our wand over that situation and
change it! We can however hold for them a vision of there highest
potential, as we see it in our heart. Holding it lovingly until they
awaken and see it for themselves. Life is much more than our Ants
view allows us to see. It is complicated, complex, and very fiber-

Strands of us touch and cross over so many. We never really see how
we touch and affect the people and situations of ourworld. It is
important that you create consciously whatever brings love & joy &
peace into your heart. Then this energy will ripple out endlessly
through all life every where. Believe in what you know in your Soul
to be possible. Never give up on your dreams. Hold the vision high
enough for the Quanta to see. Hold the Greatest Vision for yourself
and the world! What you are is Gods gift to you, what you do with
yourself is your gift to God!

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