Symbols and Imagery

“The less time you spend sending out pictures of what you want, the
more your space will be filled with other peoples’ vision of what
they want you to do, or with lower or less evolved images that come
from your old patterns…The world of images is the source of power
in your physical world.  Imagining what you want is like creating a
model before you build the real thing.  The images direct the energy
in your body.  If there is a situation in your life you would like
resolved, you can always ask for images and symbols that will help

You can heal other people by sendig them symbols and images.  You
can heal a situation by envisoning and symbolizing it as easily as
you can heal it with words.  Symbols are, in fact, more direct and
more healing than words, for they are not connected to your belief
systems…If you have someone in your life who is causing you
trouble, tying up your time and energy, try to see him or her
symbolically.  He may appear to be coming at you with a battering
ram, and you might see yourself as a wall that constantly gives into
his force.  You could work with the situation by changing and
healing the symbols, perhaps imagining the battering ram changing
into a tiny piece of cardboard and your wall becoming flexible like
rubber.  You absolutely can shift energy by playing with symbols,
and you can heal any situation in this way.

There are currents of energy that circle the planet and you can tap
into them anytime you want.  If you want physical energy, you can
breathe deeply and imagine that you are connected to the flow of all
the people who have an abundance of vitality.  At any one time there
are millions of people focused on certain ideas…you can use their
energy broadcast to increase or bring into yourself whatever you
want.  …Through your breathing, you can draw in your global
connection to other people or to the assistance and guidance from
the higher forces of the universe.

Any energy you want exists in the world.  If you want more love, you
can breathe in the love that is there, circling the planet.  Sooner
or later it will be there in your physical reality…You can be a
healing influence in everything you do.  Use your ability to sense
and tune into energy to evolve yourselve and others; it is a skill
you can develop that will help evolve you rapidly.”

Personal Power through Awareness – Sanaya Roman

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