Task: “Fabricate” a More Colorful Life

What does this have to do with Law of Attraction? Color is an easy way to change our mood, to find joy, and to feel better.

Color, like sound, is made of vibration.  Everything is – even those
things that appear to be solid, or relatively sollid, like ourselves.
All of us use the expression, or at least have heard the expression,
“He’s really got bad vibes.”  Well, colors have vibes as well and the
compatibility of a color depends on how the wavelength compares with
our own.  Each color vibrates at a certain signature frequency.  Another
way to think of color is as a visible sound.   (paraphrased from chapter:

Task: “Fabricate” a More Colorful Life

In order to experience a solid dose of “pure” color, there are few ways
as concrete as going to a good, large fabric store and working with the
bolts of silk and rayon and light, gauzy cotton.  Take a few down.
Unwrap enough to see what “works” for you and what doesn’t.  Very often
you will have a strong and immediate emotional response to a color.
You may want to invite a newly discovered “positive” color into your

(the author then describes how changing the curtain color in a white
rented house brought it to life and changed the whole mood.
So…we’re not rennovating a whole house here, but if you have a room you spend a
lot of time in, how can you try on some different colors in it?  A
temporary curtain swag, a lap blanket, a pillow or two or three, yards
of a bright colorful fabric draped across a lighting fixture (NOT
HALOGEN!) or across a sofa or on a table top.    Make it big enough and
bold enough to catch your eye every time you walk in.   Make note of
how you feel when you do.)

Task from The Vein of Gold.

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