Why Worries Come True

By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler,

Imagine each thought you think as a mental photograph.

When the thought is first exposed to your brain, very little happens.
But as you expose your mind to that thought again and again, the
thought begins to develop and hold an image in your mind’s eye just
like an exposed photograph.

In fact, thoughts really ARE that powerful. Anything you focus on
mentally DOES develop into a strong interconnected network of
neurons. That network then holds that thought as an image. And your
subconscious mind will then push you to take the actions that will
bring that image into reality.

This is not theory — it is based on the research findings of modern

You need to be careful about your thoughts, judgments, and
viewpoints. If you focus your mind on something you DON’T want — you actually
strengthen the neural networks containing the image of that  something.

That is why worrying about something actually drives you closer to
that something. Worry is actually a very powerful form of negative
goal setting. The more you worry about something, the stronger the
neural networks containing your worries become. And the stronger
those physical networks — the more likely your subconscious mind will
drive you to take actions that actually push you toward what you’re worried

The Part Played by Emotion

The more emotion accompanying your worries, the stronger your neural
networks will become. Emotion — whether positive or negative — is a
neural supercharger. This includes stress — which is driven by emotion!

You’re getting the picture of the negative cycle that worry creates.
The more worries, the more stress. The more stress, the less creative
and clear your mind becomes. And the less creative you become, the
less likely you will EVER solve the problem you’re worried about.

Plus the longer (and more passionately) you worry about something —
the faster you are driven straight into the arms of what you’re
worried about.

A Proven Solution

There is one, and only one, solution to this. You must step out of
the stress/worry cycle, and direct your mental focus elsewhere.

What you focus on grows. This is why it’s so very important NOT to
focus on your problems! You instead want to focus on creating
positive solutions that create something you DO want.

Here’s a plan of action:

* Convert your problems to goals,
* Create a detailed goal-plan,
* Break your goal-plan into the smallest possible daily steps, then …
* Begin to take action — one step at a time.

And in the meantime:

1. Refuse to worry. Remember — worry is a very powerful form of
negative goal setting.

2. Create a new mental image. Create and hold a mental image of how
life will be when you reach your goal. The more emotion you pack into
that positive image, and the more often you put your mental focus on
it, the stronger the neural networks holding that image will become.

3. Bust your stress. Unless you manage your stress, it will continue
to build negative neural networks. Don’t kid yourself about stress —
it is at the core of many serious life-threatening bodily conditions,
and has a way of “pretending not to be there.” Brainwave training is
the fastest answer to instant stress reduction.

4. Build your self-confidence. Take some steps to build your self
confidence. A huge medical study showed that low self confidence and
negative thoughts cause your brain to physically shrink as much as
20%. Self confidence is not a lightweight issue — it places
unrealistic limits on your entire life!

5. Take care of your physical self. It can be easy to just take your
mental and physical health for granted until something happens.
Simple dehydration equal to two glasses of water, for example, has been
shown to reduce your mental performance as much as 50%. Add a walk and
20-minute workout to your life, and you’ll start to produce more
feel-good brain neurotransmitters.

6. Grow your mind power. Your brain truly follows the same rule as
your muscles — use it, or lose it! And today’s scientific evidence
is that your brain is either growing, or it’s physically shrinking

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