You’re NOT here to learn lessons

You’re NOT here to learn lessons

by: Andrea Conway

The idea that Earth is a school for our spiritual evolution – a place where we are given lessons to master – is a popular one. It’s also inaccurate.

“The Universe is sending me another lesson about standing up for myself,” we say after the fourth time in a year that we lose money on a project because we were too timid to bid it at a profitable price.

That’s not a lesson. It’s merely a reflection of our current vibration. Lesson or reflection — its there a difference? Yes. And it’s worth examining.

“Lesson” implies there is something we are supposed to learn, based on a spiritual curriculum that energies higher and more evolved have decided on for us. The vibration around lesson is: I am not good enough until I master these lessons. The vibration of “I’m not good enough” is one that will limit you at every turn.

“Reflection” carries no self-limiting vibration. Energetically it is truer to how Law of Attraction works: impartially and with love. A reflection is your feedback on how you are vibrating around a particular topic.

One theory of human development says that we get better at a skill, even something as basic as learning to read, by noting feedback on our early, imperfect attempts and making corrections.

Feedback is always available to us, because this is an attraction-based universe, and Law of Attraction can’t help but reflect our vibration back to ourselves. OK, maybe that’s depressing if you aren’t happy with the reflection!

But here’s another way to view it. This beautiful feedback system is designed to offer us – in any moment – the opportunity to choose anew. In each day we have 86,400 seconds available for exercising free will.

It’s time to stop using Law of Attraction to judge ourselves and our lessons. Instead, let’s use it as a divinely designed feedback system for opening our awareness and expanding our choices.

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